Specialties Include:

*Elder Care Planning

None of us likes to think about it.  But our health can change at any time.  This is the time bomb that most people overlook, and there are many solutions available.




                We're planning on you living to be 100.  Are you?

*Lifetime Income Planning

We offer guaranteed income plans designed to last the entire lifetime of one or both spouses.  Some plans allow the income to grow over time to keep pace with inflation. 

*Social Security Planning

You paid into it all these years.  Now get the maximum out of it with simple strategies that are available, but hidden deep within the Social Security regulations.

*Medicare & Part D Planning

We'll help you sort through the maze of plans to help you find the right one for you.  Since these are government regulated plans, they couldn't be complicated, could they?

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Studies show that the two biggest worries going into retirement are:  "Will I run out of Money?" and "What would happen if my health changes?"

Good questions indeed.  At Henry and Associates, we help you target solutions for those issues and a myriad of other issues that can derail a lifetime of work.  

We specialize in Personal Pension planning - we help create a Lifetime Income Plan from your savings, 401k, IRA and other retirement accounts, that are issued and contractually guaranteed by top rated multi-billion dollar companies.  The Income can be guaranteed to last the lives of one, or both spouses.  In addition, we specialize in Safe Asset Growth - none of our clients lost a single penny in the last market meltdown.  We only use time tested Safe Money strategies, and for 23 years we've been helping folks plan for, and implement a successful and safe retirement.

We're an Independent Planning Agency helping people all around the country, and we represent the top companies in their respective fields.  We provide a variety of retirement planning options, custom tailored to each individual's needs, all built on a solid foundation with the safest strategies in the marketplace today.