In all the planning options below, keep in mind that we are an Independent Agency.  We sit on the same side of the desk with you, and shop the marketplace for the best solutions based on your needs.

Income/Pension Planning

Do you have an Income Plan for retirement?  If you answered yes, ask yourself this question.  Does the word Hope factor into your plans at any point? Well if it does, you really don't have an Income Plan.  You've got a train wreck waiting to happen.  The vast majority of people today will not have a pension waiting for them at retirement.  They'll have to utilize their 401k, IRA or other Qualified Retirement Plan to provide income through their retirement years.  That's a pretty scary thought, especially after all the market turmoil we've seen over the last decade.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an option available where you could convert some, or all of those funds into a dependable, guaranteed lifetime income, like the traditional pension plan.  Well, there are indeed plans designed specifically for this need!  Income Annuities fill this need perfectly, giving the account owner a dependable retirement check every month, and they can be designed to last the full lifetime of one or both spouses.  It's the same concept used by large corporations and governments and you can utilize it to create your own personal pension. 

Now these aren't your grandma's annuities, they are cutting edge products that are often called "hybrid annuities" these days, and were designed specifically for folks that will be tasked with living off of their own savings during retirement.  Now you could roll the dice and keep betting that the stock market won't disappoint again.  Or you could take the risk out of the picture, and still enjoy safe steady growth of your savings, coupled with a monthly check when you're ready to retire, that will be contractually guaranteed to last the rest of your and your spouse's (if applicable), life as well.  And what about the cost of living?  Does it ever go down?  So plans are available where your income can increase over the years to combat inflation.  Click on the Contact Us button above to learn more.  

Social Security Planning

So you've paid into Social Security all your life, and now your getting ready to get your money back.  Trouble is, no one at the Social Security Administration is allowed to give advice that might benefit you in getting the best paycheck.  There are literally hundreds of different filing options once you're eligible at age 62, and it will definitely pay to get educated on the options available.  We can help you evaluate your approximate retirement timeline and when the best possible time to start receiving your money will be.  For some folks it may be 62, others later, and if there's a spouse involved, there are a variety of planning options to consider.  The folks at Social Security won't tell you, but we will.   Click on the Contact Us button above to learn more.

Safe Asset Growth Options

Tired of playing in the Wall St. casino?  There are many safe alternatives to growing your assets without risk.  We have companies that consistently offer 2-3% higher yields than CD's, backed by some of the largest corporations in the U.S.  In addition, there are plans available that offer even higher returns based on the performance of a major index, such as the S&P 500.  Your principle is contractually guaranteed to never decrease, and gains are locked in annually and will never decrease from that point.  In down years there won't be a gain credited, but your account will not lose value.  Growth will continue as gains occur year to year.  Click on the Contact Us button above to learn more.  

Elder Care Planning

Ok, this one is tough.  No one likes to think they're going to need help one day.  Problem is, I've never seen any of my clients get healthier as they get older.  So let's live life to the fullest and try to stay healthy for as long as we can!  And if we're lucky, we'll live to be a ripe old age and sometimes the wear and tear takes it's toll.  The vast majority of people these days are aging in place in their homes, with the help of Home Health agencies.  For those who need a little more help, Assisted Living Facilities provide a home-like environment, with your own furnishings in an apartment setting, daily meals often prepared by a chef, with transportation and daily activities provided.  Of course, Nursing Homes fill their need, and none of us ever want to end up there.  But we have to plan and the costs today are staggering.  What will the cost be in the future?  And how would you pay for that if it happened?  There are plenty of options available, but don't wait until it's too late.  Click on the Contact Us button above to learn more.

Medicare/Part D Planning

At age 65 (currently), we'll all be eligible for Medicare.  It changes constantly and our friends in Washington and busy at work making the maze even harder to navigate through.  You should consider a Medicare Supplement, or Medigap policy to help pay other expenses and co-pays that Medicare doesn't cover.  Along with that, you should consider the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan as well.  We constantly monitor the marketplace to find our clients the best plans, at the most affordable cost.  Click on the....oh you already know.

Estate Planning

Life Planning has more than one purpose these days, and there are cutting edge products in the marketplace that can pay taxes if need be, pay out early if Elder Care arises, and can also be set up to provide tax free income throughout retirement as well.  Depends on your circumstances, but you may be surprised at what you can accomplish with a modern Life Insurance policy.  If you own an older policy, you may want to compare it to the newest plans.  We've also formed relationships over the years with top notch Elder Law attorneys that can provide a wealth of knowledge and service to you. 

And that's not all we bring to the table for you.  It could be something as mundane as checking to make sure your personal liability protection is where it needs to be, to looking at all the other "what ifs" that could be out there to bite you when you least expect it.